Salt-n-Pepa Concert

Salt n Pepa

The real fun of listening to classical rap is by attending the Salt-n-Pepa concert.
This trio sings the perfect combination of rock, pop & hip-hop. This group is formed in 1985 & became very much popular among the crowd of the US in very less time. This is the first female rap crew, where all are female even their DJ’s are women. This brings a new side of women in the man ruling world.

At their every stage performance they choose an irresistible dance beats which could easily attract the audience & force them to leave their seats & to dance. Also get ready to watch the freestyle dance move of the ’80s, as this crew shows many dance moves during their act. The whole crowd gets uproar with their magnificent performances.

And on most occasions of their event, they are performing a meticulously choreographed dance with two backup dancers. This group is highly talented & has the power to captivates the audience toward themselves. They are very interactive to the audience to build anticipation for the show. Mixing the tracks to present the best to the audience and providing commentary on the songs they performed live also some of the different features they possess in their performance.

The third album “Black’s magic” is released which is a continuation of “Blitz”, was released in 1989. This album gets great hit, strong reviews & sales. If you want to watch their show live in the US, here you have a great opportunity for that. brings the tickets for all the event by Salt-n-Pepa, in different cities. Get the best seats at the best price & enjoy the evening with this trio. Backing curtain, mirror ball, and soft lights will lighten up your mood & brings joy in your night. Confirm your tickets, maybe you too get the chance to dance on stage with these trio girls.

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Ticket Event


JULY 11, 2019
7:30 PM

State Farm Arena – GA
Atlanta, GA

Salt N Pepa in Fort Lauderdale


JULY 12, 2019
8:00 PM

Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
Jacksonville, FL

Salt N Pepa in Fort Lauderdale


JULY 13, 2019
8:00 PM

Amway Center
Orlando, FL

Salt N Pepa in Fort Lauderdale


JULY 14, 2019
7:00 PM

BB&T Center
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Salt N Pepa in Fort Lauderdale


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