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Baby Bash was born as Ronnie Ray Bryant on October 18, 1969 in Vallejo, California, USA. He had a Mexican mother and an Anglo father, both of whom went to prison when he was a child. He was raised by his grandmother and uncles and was subsequently exposed to many different kinds of music. Check our available Baby Bash concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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Bash or Beesh? It all depends. You may know this latino rap sensation better by the latter if you followed him in his days with Potna Deuce or Latino Velvet, as an underground sensation straight outta Vallejo, CA. You may know him better by the latter if you followed his career after moving to Houston, TX in the 21st century...
For entirely unobvious reasons to this writer, Baby Bash has been nearly silent since the 2005 release of "Super Saucy." An artist can be almost completely forgotten in two years given the lightning quick "here today gone tomorrow" world we live in, not to mention how fickle the rap audience is in particular. Thankfully the talented Ronnie Ray Bryant didn't just hang up his hat, put down his mic and take up a career in accounting...
To clear up any confusion, the rapper on this album is also known as Baby Beesh. Since my reviewing partner-in-crime Matt Jost already broke down this rapper's long history in hip-hop in his "On Tha Cool" review, I'm going to opt not to break it all down again. If you're not familiar with him, you can either read Matt's piece or visit Otherwise, take our word for it - spelled Bash or Beesh, Baby is a known factor in latino rap, from Cali to Texas...
"I was gone for a minute but now I'm home Please forgive me for bein a rolling stone Please forgive me, let me polish it up like chrome Get off the phone, tell the squares to leave you alone Let me spark yo' interest"Consider it sparked. With a career that spans back to the 1990's under several different names and with several different groups, Baby Bash has evolved into one of the suavest rappers in hip-hop...
This Houston MC had one of 2003's squishiest pop-rap hits in "SugaSuga," his collaboration with Latino crooner Frankie J. So it'sdisappointing that he spends much of Super Saucy unconvincingly asserting hisgangsta bona fides ? in "Throwed Off," he lamely threatens to toss hisdrink in your face. Bash is best as an intentionally funny lover,dreaming ? as on the title cut ? of "sipping on Apple Pucker" schnapps overa wahwah groove John Mayer could dig.
This Mexican-American emcee is a skilled networker, if nothing else. Histhird studio album, Cyclone, features an array of famous friends: Vocoderaficionado T-Pain, past-his-prime crooner Keith Sweat, and UGK's Pimp Call turn in perfunctory vocals, while crunkmaster Lil Jon and nascentsuperproducer J.R. Rotem provide passable beats. But Baby Bash himself is byfar the weakest link...
In the past five years, half-Mexican rapper Ronnie "Baby Bash" Bryant scored a Top Twenty album and a Top Ten hit ("Suga Suga"), all the while building a devoted Latin audience. With Cyclone, he is poised to go platinum, but his methods are pretty conventional. Cyclone is long on bland, smooth rhymes and rote synth beats...
I'm sure we've covered the whole screwing/chopping phenomenon before, but let's go through it again quickly: the late DJ Screw became a Houston and southern icon by remixing rap songs in the image of the way he saw the world through the eyes of his favorite drink, a codeine derivative...
I knew "Suga Suga" was going to be a huge hit the very first time I heard it. I was helping my brother move to his new apartment across town and had our local hip-hop station on (105.9 Janesville Madison represent), and suddenly these melancholy guitar figures came on and the familiar voice of Frankie J: "You got me lifted, shifted / Higher than the ceiling / And ooh wee it's a wonderful feeling / You got me lifted, feeling so gifted / Suga how'd you get so fly?"...
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