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Canadian-born rock singer, guitar player, songwriter and photographer Bryan Adams sold over 4 million copies in the 1980s of his album "Reckless." His fifth album went platinum. His 1991 mega-hit "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" sold three million copies. Check our available Bryan Adams concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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Cuts Like a Knife, the third album from Canadian rocker Bryan Adams isthe one that put him on the map. He wanted to name his previous record Bryan Adams Hasn't Heardof You Either, but saner heads prevailed, and You Want It, You Got It started to getsome play on album rock radio stations. So, the follow-up was primed tobreakthrough, and it did with a Top 30 ("This Time"), Top 20("Cuts Like a Knife") and Top 10 ("Straight from the Heart")hit...
Canadian-born Bryan Adams has parlayed his raspy vocals and no-frills rock 'n' roll into a successful career of impressive longevity. Universal has collected the vast majority of his hits into a magnificent package that effectively chronicles twenty-five years of chart success. The 2-CD set is bundled with a DVD concert filmed in Lisboa, Portugal in 2005. The running order is roughly in chronological order. It opens with "Remember" from his self-titled LP launched in 1980...
Sound: WidgetsLive albums rarely make a home on the chart. Listeners can claim it's because they'd rather indulge in their own favourite records but it's because no one likes background noise. Fans can scream lyrics at the top of their lungs, sound obnoxious while doing so, but will be filled with an immense amount of hate when others do the same. The reason being: when a band plays a live gig, it's as if their playing for only you and no one else...
I did something completely different to review the new Bryan Adams' album '11.' I listened half way through and then took it to work knowing my boss would probably be interested. He was. He's thirteen years younger than me but old enough to remember the high days when Adams ruled the charts with such songs as 'Cuts Like A Knife' and 'Summer Of '69.' He gave '11' a spin in the office (at a considerably reduced volume) only once and concluded that he was unimpressed...
This album is not getting the raves I'm sure Adams wants it to. But Room Service (all the songs were recorded in hotel rooms across Europe) also isn't as bad as his critics make it out to be. Sure, the guitars aren't loud enough and it'd be nice to see Adams' old co-songwriter Jim Vallance welcomed back into the fold, but there are a couple of pretty good songs here, notably East Side Story and the radio hit Open Road, which sounds like the Adams of old.
Poor old Bryan Adams. He sells squillions of albums, and plays vast venues the planet over. But critically, he gets a hard time. As Mark Radcliffe recently moaned, 'there's no such thing as a Bryan Adams classic.' At least one national Broadsheet recently knocked Adams' penchant for doing the same old thing. Certainly, the Canadian rocker, on the evidence of '11', doesn't seem at all bothered by wanting a change...
I have some teenagefriends in Washington State whose idea of a good time is standing atthe Canadian border and yelling "get a culture" at the motorists onthe other side. Surely Ontario's Bryan Adams should take theiradvice. He's made a profitable career of culling American music forthe easiest of its hard-rock clichés, most recently with histriple-platinum song from Robin Hood, "(Everything I Do) I Do It forYou)...
If Radiohead or Arcade Fire were to release an album entitled simply 11, the internet would be full of theories about the meaning of the title. Is it a cryptic message about the troubles in the Middle East? Or a damning critique of 11 years of New Labour in power?With the man who bought his first real six-string and played it till his fingers bled though, it's simply the case that this is his eleventh studio album, and the fact that his birthday falls in the eleventh month of the year...
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. it's a perfectly fine philosophy and one that vegan, Canadian soft-rock icon, Bryan Adams obviously believes in. Those wondering if the slightly suspect dance experiments would make their reappearance here will be disappointed. The template of soaring slide guitar, grandiose piano and four-four 'rawk' stands him in good stead, coaxing the rasping throat to hit the spot time after time...
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