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Carrie Marie Underwood, born March 10, 1983, is an American country pop singer-songwriter from Checotah, Oklahoma. She rose to fame after winning the 4th season of American Idol in 2005. Underwood has since sold over 14 million albums and over 20 million singles worldwide, won several Grammy Awards, including the coveted Grammy for Best New Artist in 2007, multiple American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year in 2007, and several Billboard Music Awards, including the 2006 Album of the Year for Some Hearts. Check our available Carrie Underwood concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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The album's aphotic cover immediately alludes to the more mature and darker material found on Blown Away, which may simultaneously surprise and satisfy skeptics and fans alike. "Some people called it taking shelter/She called it sweet revenge/Every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away," belts Underwood on the title track about a motherless girl who prays a tornado will blow away her abusive, alcoholic father along with her painful memories and childhood home...
Look at her there on the cover. She's poised, her skin aglow, dress billowing, hair blowing, but not the way most people's hair blows--so messy and pitiful you wanna offer them a comb. Carrie Underwood does not need your comb. She has an entourage of supplicants whose sole job is to ply her with combs, and anyway she controls the wind. Her arched eyebrow isn't bracing against the storm so much as conjuring it into existence...
Release Date: May 1, 2012 My favorite musical genre is pop punk. However if I were forced to pick my second favorite genre I would probably say pop country. A large amount of country fans hate most of the pop influenced stuff you hear on the radio today, but I love it. I mention this because Carrie Underwood's new album, Blown Away, was probably my most anticipated album of 2012 (well that or the new Shai Hulud album obviously)...
The forecast is stormy on Carrie Underwood's fourth album - as usual. Cloudless skies don't suit the country super-star - she's most comfortable leaning into a stiff breeze, letting a blues growl creep into her phrasing while unleashing songs like "Two Black Cadillacs" (in which a wife and mistress murder a cad) and the title track, a wind-whipped ballad about, yep, a tornado...
Had Carrie Underwood not been so grossly, globally overpraised right out of the gate, her fourth album, Blown Away, would stand a better chance of being received as the significant step forward it actually represents in the singer's development...
Seven years after she won the fourth season of "American Idol," Carrie Underwood has been a top-tier country star for long enough that she can advise a friend to "turn off the static on the TV" (as she does in her new album's pep-talky "Nobody Ever Told You") without sounding like an ingrate...
The first thing I thought when getting ready to click on the iTunes stream of Carrie Underwood's new release was simple. I hope this album doesn't suck like the last one (Play On) did. Don't get me wrong. Everything said about Carrie Underwood is true. She has a phenomenal voice and is truly a talented singer. Carnival Ride was my favorite album of 2007 and there was a lot to love about her debut, Some Hearts...
The cover of Carrie Underwood's fourth album illustrates her evolution since introducing herself as a young Oklahoma woman with a powerful voice. Initially, she came across as the friendly girl next door, with songs about Jesus and of compassion for the less fortunate, while showing her wit with empowering songs about getting back at a cheating guy...
Reality-show prodigy turned down-home diva, Carrie Underwood has earned little critical praise despite moving over 10 million albums since her 2005 American Idol win. Nashvilleâ??s now the stomping ground for â??80s pop-rock refugees, and Underwoodâ??s widely viewed as a key cog in the nouveau Music Row machine-with high-minded traditionalists blanching at her country bona fides...
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