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Dark Tranquillity has a distinct hard rock / metal sound and a unique show that captivates audiences. Dark Tranquillity is currently on tour and has tickets available. Get concert tickets for Dark Tranquillity and see when the next Dark Tranquillity tour dates are scheduled at Check our available Dark Tranquillity concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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Dark Tranquillity Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating:
5.0 (based on 9 reviews)

Construct is Dark Tranquillity's tenth studio release, and the band changed up their sound a little on this release. The band forewent their typical album writing process and it seems to have been successful. Dark Tranquillity managed to reach into new areas while maintaining their signature sound, a feat many bands seem to fail at...
Record number ten for Gothenburg, Sweden's Dark Tranquillity kicks off dark and strong, offering a fresh rendering of a definitive melodic death metal sound. By third song "Uniformity," we're reminded of the band's slower, moodier side (including Mikael Stanne's Depeche Mode-esque clean vocals). This "softness" shows up in a couple of later songs as well, but much of has a heavier, aggressively insistent vibe, as if Dark Tranquillity are intent on getting straight to the point...
"Breaking the chain of three solid full-lengths that all sounded interchangeable, Dark Tranquillity has defied the naysayers and finally changed up the formula for an album quite unlike any other in the band's discography." Breaking the chain of three solid full-lengths that all sounded interchangeable, Dark Tranquillity has defied the naysayers and finally changed up the formula for an album quite unlike any other in the band's discography...
Sound: This is a very impressive and underrated album and I am really starting to get sick of the fans saying everything after Projector sucks because its crappy and generic. Well, Haven was not great and I didn't like Damage Done because they sacrificed some melody, but Character and this album are great and very underrated. The album mixes the sounds from all the past albums to make 1 great hybrid album. And in my opinion this is probably equal to The Gallery...
Sound: Dark Tranquillity tend to deliver the goods, we've learnt that much over the years, but the greats don't come quite so often. However, 'the greats' came out in full force for 2007's 'Fiction' and they made a few appearances on 'Character' too, so there's good reason for a bit of optimism...
"Through and through 'Fiction' is a solid release, showcasing all the best elements of Dark Tranquillity." Dark Tranquillity has stood the test of time with several great releases to date. "Fiction," Dark Tranquillity's eighth, is another example of the band's ability to produce great metal and hold the interest of old and new fans alike. Dark Tranquillity is often referred to as melodic death metal...
"Taken on its own as a standalone entry in the melodic death metal world "We Are The Void" is an amazing album, but when considered in the greater musical spectrum, it loses a lot of steam." Lumped in with groups like At The Gates and In Flames, the Swedish metal brigade Dark Tranquillity is generally hailed as one of the originators of the far reaching melodic death metal style. Their music has spawned an entire genre as well as a host of sub-genres that draw heavily from their influence...
Unlike the vast majority of bands these day, Dark Tranquility don't need to fret about their relevance to the metal scene at large. As originators of the melodic death metal movement in Gothenburg, Sweden, the sextet's influence is far reaching. It behooves this writer to point out that between these guys, Soilwork, and In Flames, the Gothenburg 'wave' succored groups as diverse as Bullet For My Valentine and Sonic Syndicate...
Formed in 1989, Dark Tranquillity are the longest surviving founding band from the Swedish melodic death metal scene or 'Gothenburg Scene' depending on your stance on it. Alongside At The Gates and In Flames they helped to create and pioneer an entire sub genre of metal over 20 years ago. A scene that would help to spawn such bands as Carcass, Soilwork, Arch Enemy, Meshuggah, Sonic Syndicate, The Haunted, and more recently Dead By April...
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