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Diamond Rio is a country band formed in 1989. They consist of Marty Roe (Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Jimmy Olander (Guitar, Banjo), Dana Williams (Bass, Vocals), Dan Truman (Keyboards) Gene Johnson (Mandolin, Vocals, Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar), and Brian Prout (Drums). They are members of the Grand Ole Opry. Check our available Diamond Rio concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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Long-time country band Diamond Rio release their first full length Christian record The Reason, and it's a mixed blessing. On the one hand, mainstream country music has forever been sorely lacking in the scope of Contemporary Christian music (CCM), and that makes this a welcome addition. On the other hand, this batch of material is not really country, but more pop-oriented in the way Rascal Flatts has championed...
Diamond Rio has been one of country music's most successful bands for years and with country radio seemingly having moved on to the next set of groups, Diamond Rio has decided to spread their wings with their first Contemporary Christian music (CCM) album, The Reason...
Since the success of Alabama and Kentucky HeadHunters brought country bands out of the woods (and into the recording studios), the competition among Nashville groups has never been stronger. Diamond Rio's hit single, "Meet in the Middle," makes the group sound like a Shenandoah clone, but in truth they have a lot more going for them...
Their name suggests flashover substance, but Diamond Rio's songs are tuneful, well written,and occasionally affecting as well. Add some authentically twangyvocals, layered bluegrass harmonies, and soulful mandolin fills, andon Close to the Edge you've got something more substantial thanfool's gold. B
One of the most successful debut albums in country music, Diamond Rio sparked plenty of hits -- "Meet in the Middle," "Mama Don't Forget to Pray for Me," "Nowhere Bound," "Norma Jean Riley" -- by combining bluegrass harmonies, old-fashioned country virtues, and just enough rock to keep things moving.
The key word with Arista Nashville's Diamond Rio is "consistent." This band is probably one of the finest in the business when it comes to developing a sound all its own and maintaining that sound over time. When the sound is as harmonious as Diamond Rio's, a solid album is a given. One More Day remains in the thread of its predecessors; the incredible lead vocals of Marty Roe still float on the breeze of Gene Johnson's mandolin and Jimmy Olander's guitar...
The material on Completely by Diamond Rio has two powerful qualities behind it: individuality and positive outlook. With artists as well anchored in the business as Diamond Rio, the musical quality is a given. The real challenge is outdoing yourself and coming up with fresh concepts. The selections on this album seem to be the fruition of that search for musical renewal with unique cuts such as "Wrinkles," co-written by Ronny Scaife and Neil Thrasher...
On Close to the Edge, Diamond Rio took the cue of the debut's best songs and created an entire album cut from the same cloth. Diamond Rio's strongest material emphasizes the virtues of God, family and honest living -- traditional stuff, no doubt influenced by the members' bluegrass background. But while most folks who'd claim divine intervention in their relationship sound sappy at best, Marty Roe comes off earnest and convincing...
Unbelievable finds Diamond Rio extending the stylistic diversity that marked IV, but this time around, they have a better, more memorable set of songs that makes it their best album in a long time. Diamond Rio are professionals, and that's part of their charm. They can deliver any song smoothly, and make their musical eclecticism easy to swallow. Also, Marty Roe's rich, nuanced vocals make the mediocre material (and there are a couple of weak cuts here and there) sound sweet...
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