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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), who performs under the stage name Lady Gaga, is a singer, songwriter and musician from New York City, New York, United States. Before Gaga adopted her stage name she was in a band called Stefani Germanotta Band. She released her first EP, Red and Blue", in early 2006. Check our available Lady Gaga concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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I firmly believe that every piece of music deserves its day in court; no matter what quality an album is, sometimes it shouldn't just "go without saying" that it is great or terrible. Even for artists who have been consistently derided such as Blood on the Dance Floor or Vanilla Ice, the old adage comes into play: one man's trash is another man's treasure. Think a record is godawful with no redeeming values? Try to look at it from a different perspective...
If you asked me to review Lady Gaga's debut record The Fame about two or three years ago, I would have either: immediately turned the offer down, or derided the album and called it commercial trash. After all, speaking as a former obsessive metal and progressive rock fanatic, the record initially seemed tasteless and artistically shallow to these ears. Well... at least the former is still correct in a sense. In any case, one of the most important factors in any genre of music is context...
Available on: Interscope LP Man, it's depressing seeing how badly so many people want Gaga to fail. Yes, I totally get that there are people who have genuine issues with her representation or appropriation of queer culture or whatever, and if you've got objections to her based on an assessment of her whole career and aesthetic then no problem - laugh away if she trips up...
As the culmination of a seemingly endless promotional cycle that involved onstage quick-change, naked meditation with Marina Abramovi?, and a wig that sent gossip bloggers scuttling to figure out what the purpose of a merkin might be, the first few moments of Lady Gaga's ARTPOP are spectacular: "I killed my former and / Left her in the trunk on Highway 10," she intones grandly over the spaghetti-Western guitars that usher in "Aura...
I love Lady Gaga and I've enjoyed her hits over the years. Unfortunately this album did not live up to my expectations. I was very disappointed by ARTPOP. Gaga has always turned weird into mainstream and I've respected her for that. She's not afraid of going against the norm. But this album was a bit too weird for me. Her songs weren't just abnormal they were borderline nonsensical. The whole album was a confusing mash-up of techno, disco, futuristic alien sounds and absurd lyrics...
Is there ever room for cleverness in pop? Surely pop is supposed to be bubblegum for the brain, the three minute distraction that elevates you from the dingy drudgery of real life. The glitter on an eyelash, the crush of a dance floor, the heart scorching lust and joy crammed in between every verse and chorus. Pop is not supposed to be intelligent (this goes some way in explaining the popularity of Pitbull and that zipper-headed idiot WILL.I...
She's weird, crazy and you never know what she's going to do next but one thing will never change and that's the talent of Stefani Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga. Gagareally delivers on her latest release Artpop, which... that's right... is the perfect mix of art and pop. "Aura" opens the album and you may think to yourself that she has gone just a little but too far into the crazy side but about 1 and a half minutes in when Gaga starts singing with that strong, powerful voice we all...
Despite Lady Gaga's lofty talking points, the fusing of art and pop on Artpop has resulted in a lot of familiar dance-pop, more artful in its campiness than its musical innovation. For starters, it is her perviest album to date. We get not just an oddly incongruous R. Kelly duet (Do What U Want), but zany arena anthems referencing masturbation (Sexxx Dreams), submission (G.U.Y.) and pig play (Swine), too...
"I consider Lady Gaga the Picasso of the entertainment world." Tony Bennett ART ARTPOP (Pop-art) Arty Pop Poppy Art A(aaaaaaaaarr)r(rrrgh)t! POP! So... Lady Gaga wants to be AN ARTIST. Problem is, she isn't too concerned about being a good artist. ARTPOP's cover has been designed by bad artist extraordinaire Jeff Koons, a man for whom no subject matter is too kitsch, no theme too derivative, no statue of Michael Jackson and his chimpanzee too retina-shatteringly golden...
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