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Sonata Arctica was formed in 1996 on the edge of the world, in the northern Finnish town of Kemi. Originally formed as Tricky Beans, they released few demos and as they got the contract they had to change their name. Check our available Sonata Arctica concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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5.0 (based on 9 reviews)

Sonata Arctica has long established themselves as one of the top contenders in the power metal genre, and rightfully so as generally speaking their music is fantastic. Pariah's Child makes for Sonata Arctica's eighth studio album and while it is a solid release for the band, it wasn't quite what I was hoping for. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely enjoyed giving Pariah's Child a listen, it's just I expected a bit more power behind a power metal album...
While it's true that dichotomous thinking can be limiting, a reasonable heuristic when examining power metal is to look at the genre on a continuum. For example, on a scale of DragonForce or Magica to Blind Guardian and Iced Earth, you could slide Sonata Arctica anywhere along the spectrum depending on the record you select. might hover closer to Helloween on this imaginary power metal spectrum than it would HammerFall, whereas and are less Stratovarius and more Skylark...
Sammi Chichester | Mar 24, 2014 | Comments 0 | Tags: Sonata Arctica On Sonata Arctica's eighth studio full-length, the veteran Finnish quintet returns to the polished and emotional melodic metal that originally forged its reputation. Frontman Tony Kakko is at his Freddie Mercury-like best with grand harmony vocals on "Take One Breath," and channels Styx crashing an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical on "Blood...
""'Pariah's Child'" is strikingly immaculate and you can feel the invigoration within the band, so watch is contagious!'" Once again, Sonata Arctica has decided to dupe its loyal fanbase with another round of less flattering "hokey, okie," "laughable" and awkwardly half-progressive music presented on "Stones Grow Her Name." At least back then, the band had the decency to warn us power metal nerds ahead of time by using the word "different," even though we still hung on to hope...
As of late, at least with their previous album, and the current Pariah's Child, Finland's Sonata Arctica has been throwing their faithful some musical curve balls. Putting them in the category of traditional Scandi power metal is no longer fitting, although they do play the same and often. Sonata Arctica: shut him up. No, their sound is much more diverse, enterprising, these days. A good example is the song Half A Marathon Man...
Sound: Despite the ups and downs of their recent album, "The Days Of Grays"; Sonata Arctica's thirteen years of experience really shine through. Every sound fits perfectly, all vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums, bass, and even the guest instruments like the banjo in the track "Cinderblox". There is a surprise as the last two tracks are "Wildfire Part II: One With The Mountain" and "Wildfire Part III: Wildfire Town Population: 0"...
"Just like a master chef that adds bold ingredients to a basic dish, the added elements draw new life from the stale and I assure that you will never ever hear them the same way again." Of all the albums I've reviewed, Sonata Arctica's "Stones Grow Her Name" has been by far the most challenging. In part, this may be due to my penchant for gravitating to what my progressive metal friends would call childish "simplistic" metal...
With Stones Grow Her Name, Sonata Arctica, the reigning kings of Finnish power metal, may be throwing their fans a curve ball. This is not your usual Sonata Arctic album or not; it's similar but different. Sonata Arctic: with a fluffy hipster scarf. Strictly speaking, it's not all the power metal we come to expect from the band. Nor, as of Unia and Days of Grays, is it overtly laced with prog nuances. Yet, both are still there. Curiously, the album is book ended by opposites...
Sound: This is and always will be my favorite Sonata Arctica release. When it kicks off with the solo drums of Blank file I knew I was in for some great melodic European power metal. The album in my opinion has the right balance between slow songs e.g. Letter to Dana, Replica and Mary Lou and the fast 8th Commandment, Picturing the Past, Kingdom For a Heart. The other thing I really like about this album is the sound Jani gets fromm his guitar...
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