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UB40 are a British dub / reggae pop music band formed in 1978 in Birmingham, England. The band is one of the most culturally diverse dub Ska bands with musicians of English, Scottish, Irish, Yemeni and Jamaican parentage. The band is named from the paper form issued by the UK government's Department of Health and Social Security at the time of the band's formation for claiming unemployment benefit (UB40 = Unemployment Benefit, Form 40). Check our available UB40 concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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The long-standing reggae-pop group UB40 could play it smooth and silky long before they had a hit with their cover version of "Red Red Wine," but that cut became so massively successful it evolved into an annoyance for some. It's the same curse Bobby McFerrin experienced after "Don't Worry Be Happy" pigeonholed him as a sweet, novelty hit curio, but like Bobby, UB40 always deserved better, so anyone claiming this "reggae country album" is garish or desperate just hasn't put the needle to groove...
A second album since the mournful Ali Campbell was replaced as lead voice by his brother Duncan. And they have a theme. Taking their cue from Jamaica's longstanding relationship with country music, the group have applied their straight-outta-the-fridge synthesized skank to the works of Jim Reeves, George Jones and Vince Gill etc, interleaved with more originals. It all hangs together quite nicely if, as ever, rather uninvolvingly. Diggin' the pedal-steel, though.
Cover versions more than often attract much scorn, occasionally even anger, as original records are completely reworked or, worse still, hardly changed at all, adding very little - if anything - to the originals. Birmingham's UB40, however, have made a career out of successful covers since their formation in 1978...
Aptly titled, (their 18th studio album) finds UK reggae/pop stalwarts UB40 aiming to prove that not even bankruptcy and internal squabbles can keep a good band down. Kicking things off with a reggae-ified cover of the Allman Brothers Band's "Midnight Rider" confirms that original lead singer Ali Campbell has opted to sit this one out -- solo career and all that -- and that brother Duncan continues to be a good, if not great replacement...
Latecomers to the UB40 party were, to a certain degree, greeted by a soft reggae covers band who topped the UK singles chart three times with insipid re-workings of 60s hits. It wasn't always so, however, and their 1980 debut album remains one of the most articulate and important political statements in British popular music. Beyond the group's name, both the title and the sleeve reference their jobless origins, but it's far from a one-note catalogue of dole-ite despondency...
Remastered and reissued to celebrate UB40's 30th anniversary, Signing Off is still believed by many to be the group's greatest album, and it remains the clearest window into what the band were all about. It's far from their most musically proficient release, but Signing Off has energy and intelligence that made it stand out from so much post punk pop...
Food for thought. UB40 are one of Britain's mostsuccessful ever bands. Though pop's innovative winghas long since given UB40 their P45, they are now lessUB40 than UB40 million. Of course, having (presumably)a wide property portfolio stretching from the WestMidlands to JA doesn't preclude you from getting intoa bit of a tizz about "five tons of megaton / sentwith love from the Pentagon" and stuff like that...
Although they've made three Labour of Love cover albums, England's UB40 have figured out a new spin: recruit an impressive cross-section of '60s and '70s roots singers to rework some of their own hits. Most of these 14 tracks fit UB40's practiced radio-friendly reggae format ? and they're strangely bloodless as a result, which only highlights the weakness of much of the material...
As the biggest selling reggae band in the world, UB40 have invoked suspicion among cultists with their open romance of the mass market. Their Labour Of Love series is seen as a flagrant sell-out, but the music, lovingly crafted around Ali Campbell's honeyed vocals, tells a different story. There's no mistaking the warmth, sincerity and emotional commitment to the songs...
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