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Adam Lambert is a talented singer, songwriter, and actor from San Diego, California known for his full-control, three-octave vocal range, expert vibrato and fierce belting and falsetto which allows him to stretch up to the fifth octave. In May 2009, he finished as the runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol. Check our available Adam Lambert concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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Okay, I confess. I was addicted to last year's 'American Idol', and it was all down to this dude. Why? Well, it was a mixture of his outlandish performances on the show, his shockingly refreshing attitude to the business and to his representation in the press, and the fact that yeah, he had a pretty decent voice. A raw, interesting, genuinely talent-ridden voice that could and should have sounded fantastic on its own, untouched by computers. So my question is, then, what the fuck is this shit...
In the US, Adam Lambert is enough of a star to wind up the extreme Christian right. After finishing second on American Idol in 2009, he laid his cards on the table by kissing a male guitarist during a TV performance. He then sold a million or so copies of his surprisingly decent debut album, For Your Entertainment. Over here, that album stalled at number 36, and Lambert is best known for alleged crimes against classic rock...
Three years ago Lambert was a finalist on American Idol; he auditioned with a few lines of Bohemian Rhapsody. Lambert probably came second, it is said, because of his sexual orientation. But the greater victories have been all his: a successful debut solo album in the US, an army of fans calling themselves Glamberts, a lucrative gig shouting "scaramouche!" No one in Europe has heard of Kris Allen, the actual winner...
Let's get something straight: Trespassing is not Adam Lambert's "big gay dance-club album" (as one illustrious publication put it) any more than Savage Garden was Savage Garden's big gay pop album or Songs from the West Coast was Elton John's big gay roots album. With Trespassing, Lambert becomes the first out solo artist to score a number one album--cigars all around!--but queer identity barely shows up in the songs themselves...
Sound: Adam's first album, "For You Entertainment" was purely pop rock, mainstream for radio airplay, quickly released after "AI". This is album sounds like a flashback to the 80's, with the first five tracks a combination of many pop and rock groups of yesteryear, but with the updated sound and lyrics to bring the style back into popularity...
Adam Lambert's debut, For Your Entertainment, and his occasional gigs with Queen both suggested that the American Idol alum was better prepared than just about anyone to put a contemporary spin on glam rock. Instead, the singer's sophomore effort, Trespassing, finds him working with a small army of dance-pop producers and songwriters, and it's a testament to Lambert's confidence as a performer that he makes this stylistic shift sound effortless...
So here's the great pop album everybody was hoping Adam Lambert would make, ever since he ran wild on American Idol three years ago. It wasn't just Glambert's dynamite-with-a-laser-beam voice that got him into our national knickers: It was his warmth, his humor, his burlesque bravado. His 2010 debut, For Your Entertainment, was a typical Idol quickie - decent, but it needed more personality. Trespassing delivers, with a mix of tinsel disco-club sleaze and leather-boy love ballads...
The runner-up of season eight of American Idol has charted a bona fide career that most Idol winners would die for. Following the chart success of his massive 2010 single Whataya Want From Me, Lambert embarked on a six-month tour captured here. Most remarkable remains Lambert's pretty impressive vocals and range. The DVD includes an "Until Next Time" segment with footage shot at various public appearances during the tour...
If there's any newish pop act worthy of a live release, it's American Idol runner-up Lambert, whose vocal acrobatics make this a terrific complement to his 2009 solo debut. Because he incubated before us in a perform-or-die setting, Lambert's ability to work a crowd is audible. Everything from his hit "Whataya Want From Me" to his take on "Ring of Fire" sizzles more than the too-too-perfect studio versions. Bonus: Glam Nation Live includes an expertly produced DVD of the concert...
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