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Aerosmith were one of the most popular rock bands of the 70s. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford make up the quintet that epitomized the sound of hard rock and heavy metal of the era, while simultaneously being able to pull off a wildly popular power ballad like "Dream On. Check our available Aerosmith concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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Nobu Tanaka is one of the biggest Aerosmith fans in the world, having seen the group live over 150 times, so he was especially thrilled when they toured his Japanese homeland in 2011. He figures prominently in this film as a symbol of the emotional outpouring that greeted Steven Tyler and chums on their arrival just months after the country was beset by an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear-plant meltdown.
Despite being advised not to go, Aerosmith went to Japan to tour shortly after that country's 2011 tsunami disaster and nuclear plant meltdown. No doubt the shows in Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima and several other cities lifted the spirits of many and the footage found here is a collection of the best performances from various venues on that tour...
They're Baaaaacck! After a short 11-year hiatus, one of rock's most dysfunctional families is back with an a rugged, back to basics album, which finds the band returning to their gritty, arena rock roots. Producer Jack Douglas's old school touch (Toys in the Attic, Rocks, Honkin' on Bobo) is evident, and Tyler's full throttle voice is strong throughout, as is Perry's scorching guitar. Each member had a hand in contributing material...
If there was one musical personality from the not too distant past (well, 11 years since the last album), one act that you'd hope would come back with something at least pleasantly eccentric (if not necessarily good), it would be Steve Tyler and Aerosmith. Whilst their MO has always been gratingly cheeky blues riffs and sugary torch songs they've also had the power to surprise, from a genuinely innovative collaboration with Run DMC to some genuinely excellent, if unhealthily saccharine, ballads...
Returning with what might well be their last album, Aerosmith clearly want to go out on a high by reminding everyone of what it was that once made them a truly exciting band. The problem is that the very things that made them exciting - the drugs, the booze, the women, the fights - are long gone and the things that they do indulge in are not consumed in such gargantuan quantities any more...
Easily the most confused music release of 2012, Aerosmith's Music From Another Dimension is both the album the fans were hoping for and the album they feared. At an overlong 15 tracks, six are ballads. That wouldn't be a problem if they were on the order of, say, "Dream On" which was itself a proto-ballad. No, a lot of these are of the order of the glop that cycled through the late-'90s/early-2000s, fueled on the inexplicable success of "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing...
Bands 42 years into their career usually don't offer many surprises. However, no one knew what to expect from Aerosmith's 15th studio album, Music from Another Dimension! Would it be a loud blues-rock album a la Honkin' on Bobo; a bland pop-rock release a la Just Push Play? Would it sound like raunchy rock from the guys who became known as the Bad Boys from Boston or more like an album fronted by a former American Idol judge? The truth is Music from Another Dimension is all of that...
"In a better alternate reality, 'Music From Another Dimension!' would have lived up to the hype of being a return to Aerosmith's '70s roots. In this one, though, it's an OK album with a few moments that recall the glory days." It's been 11 years since the last album of Aerosmith originals, "Just Push Play" -- and 15 years since the last good one, "Nine Lives...
The Plan 9 from Outer Space-inspired sleeve art for Aerosmith's 15th studio effort Music from Another Dimension! is a great pictorial representation of two commonly held beliefs about the band: one, they're old, and two, even when they're enjoyable, it's not because their music is of immense quality. Given this is a fairly crude analogy, there are obvious differences...
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