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Colbie Caillat, a pop singer/songwriter and guitar player, debuted in 2007 with her album Coco which produced multiple hit songs like "Bubbly" and "Realize." Her 2008 single with Jason Mraz won a Grammy Award, and her second album released in 2009 was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Check our available Colbie Caillat concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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Sometimes when making music, less is more. For American singer Colbie Caillat this is her approach; she is the female equivalent of Jack Johnson - except better looking and actually talented. Like her other big hit single 'Realize', 'Bubbly' is typical acoustic guitar led summer day pop like a warm breeze blowing across a sun-kissed Malibu beach. Her voice is sweet and full of melody and Caillat uses it well and keeps it interesting...
On her third album, All of You, Colbie Caillat continues to straddle the fence between her two lucrative personas: bubblegum-country torch singer and breezy, beach-pier romantic. She proves to be far more convincing as the former here, churning out perfectly serviceable, CMT-ready ballads like "All of You" and "Make It Rain" that stick closely to the formula she established with Taylor Swift on their 2008 duet "Breathe...
Summary: Caillat's cheery, optimistic sound hides a much sadder regression. Caillat's brand of sprightly, inoffensive beach-pop found its niche in the music industry with 2007's Coco. While the album didn't strive to deviate from the mainstream acoustic formula, it was quirky and carefree enough to make for a completely relaxing listen...
Nice, cute and warm. This perfectly suits Malibu songstress Colbie Caillat's sound palette. But niceness can frequently come off as insipid, and warmth (as in sunny) in pop music is a delicate niche to reside in (i.e. Nat Bedingfield)...
You can be forgiven for not having heard the name all that frequently. Although the Californian singer's second album, 2009's Breakthrough, was titled with increased public visibility clearly in mind, it failed to reach the UK top 100 (a disappointing performance, given her debut of 2007, , peaked at 44)...
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Anyone doubting the power of the Internet to propel any artist into the mainstream should pay close attention to the worldwide success of Colbie Caillat.Only five years ago Caillat would have relied on radio stations to promote her music, hoping and praying for a lucky break from a sympathetic DJ. Through MySpace she was able to post songs online to gauge the popularity of her music, and it was not until she uploaded a song called Bubbly that her ratings began to soar...
Summary: Colbie Caillat returns with a fuller sound, more confidence and an enjoyable album full of upbeat pop. Reading through Colbie Caillatâ??s biography, it almost seems as if she was destined to end up in the music business. With a father that co-produced such revered albums as Fleetwood Macâ??s Rumours, Colbieâ??s exposure to recording artists began very young...
Coco is the 22-year-old Californian singer-guitarist's debut album, which has recently turned platinum in the States. Colbie Caillat broke through MySpace in the US, where she became the leading unsigned singer for over four months last year. One thing is for sure, it is clear how it has done so well in states. It is very pleasant indeed, perfectly produced, and is packed with tracks like Bubbly, the sort of record destined to reside on a Magic Playlist for the rest of the year...
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