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3 Doors Down is a Alternative,post-Grunge Rock Band from Escatawpa, Mississippi, United States, formed in 1996, consisting of Brad Arnold (vocals), Matt Roberts (guitars) now Chet Roberts, Todd Harrell (bass), Chris Henderson (guitar), and Greg Upchurch (drums). The band signed to Universal Records in 2000 for their first album, The Better Life. They received international fame with their first single "Kryptonite". Check our available 3 Doors Down concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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"When did Mötley Crüe become classic rock?" Pop/punkers Bowling for Soup posed this question in the lyrics of their hilarious hit single "1985" back in 2004. Nearly a decade later, grunge guys such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains also have now graduated to "Classic Rock" status right along with their former musical adversaries Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, and the aforementioned Crüe...
Sound: I bought this album a week ago, and the first time I listened to it, I thought it was a typical 3 Doors Down album. However, listening to it more and more I began to develop a sense of feeling that it was not just run of the mill, it was pure excellence. I would rate this highly among their other albums such as 'The Better Life', 'Away From The Sun' and their live album 'Another 700 Miles'...
Sound: I like what 3 Doors Down has going on. I really like all the appregios they often use in their songs. The sound is usually melody in the verses with some heavy power chords in the chorus. Most of the songs usually have something to do with life. Such are being away from home and having to many things to do in too little of time, just to name two. Often you will find acoustic driven tracks like Here Without You. Other songs just come for you by the throat, like Going Down In Flames...
Sound: There has to be an amazing amount of pressure for a band like 3 Doors Down to deliver another hit like "Kryptonite." After all, that one single was the turning point that led the band into multiplatinum success. They've done pretty well for themselves by never straying too far from their original style, and with their latest self-titled record we're getting another helping of that familiar sound...
Sound: This could very well act as the second disc of a double album for the band. Their previous album "3 Doors Down" serving as the first half. There are some familiar sounding riffs, but not as many as in the last album. Indeed the whole chronicle of this band has been based off of Brad Arnold's observations, whereas their last album consisted of him going through the darkest parts of his last relationship's breakup, this album has him coming to terms with it...
Sound: It sounds kind of like something old to me by like 2-3 years but it's refreshing and new. It kind of reminds of ColdPlay or SnowPatrol but sertain songs also remind me of Hinder or Van Halen so it's like a clever little mix between many of my favorit artists. The CD's design and layout of music was obviosly researched and well done. The bands look physicaly can look better to me but I don't know how others feel on that...
Don't look so surprised. 3 Doors Down are still around and have just released their fifth studio album, Time of My Life. Considering how I normally correlate 3DD to cheesy radio rock, I'm pleasantly surprised by the opening song (and title track), 'Time of My Life', which sets the pace nicely with a hard rock riff and an all-round great song...
On their 2000 debut, The Better Life, these Mississ ippi boys were the Last Southern Rock Band: They played slick, heroic neo-grunge for the Clear Channel era, where all regions melted into one long Nickelback impression. They're still clinging to that anthemic plod. "What I am is what I want/And I'll be this way till I'm dead and gone," frontman Brad Arnold sings...
On their quintuple-platinum 2000 album The Better Life, these Mississippi boys were The Last Southern Rock Band: They played slick, heroic neo-grunge for the Clear Channel era, where all regions melted into one long, Nickelback impression. They're still clinging to that anthemic plod a decade later, like an eight year-old who can't bear to throw out a dead hamster. "What I am is what I want/And I'll be this way 'til I'm dead and gone," Brad Arnold sings...
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