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Billy Currington is an American country singer/songwriter. He released his debut album in 2003 featuring the powerful top ten hit Walk A Little Straighter and the top 5 smash I Got A Feelin. Billy has been helped by the duet "Party for Two" with Shania Twain to reach his current success. Check our available Billy Currington concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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5.0 (based on 9 reviews)

With We Are Tonight Billy Currington returns to the scene with a collection of what we've come to expect from billy. Except, this time, it's not mostly sad songs. As the Gold-certified hit first single "Hey Girl" proved, Billy is a man of his word with the more 'happy' mindset than past albums. With this mindset firmly in place, Billy takes us on a soulful musical stroll with potential hits like the humorous "Wingman," the playful "Hard To Be A Hippie" and "Closer Tonight" and laid-back cover...
The title "Little Bit of Everything" describes Billy Currington's latest album perfectly. Picking up on the mostly sunny optimism found on "Doin' Something Right," Currington leads off the record with "Swimming In Sunshine," a song that, just by it's title, sounds like something you might find on a Kenny Chesney album. After listening to the track, it does sound like a Chesney song, only it feels more young, fun, and party-ready...
Over the course of his previous three albums, Billy Currington has increasingly found himself with an identifiable sound that vacillates between soft, sexy ballads like "Don't " and "Doin' Something Right" to more traditionalist fare like "Good Directions," and "People Are Crazy." With his fourth release, Enjoy Yourself, Billy Currington has perfected his formula and brings you more of the same of what has turned him into one of the most consistent radio stars in country music...
Nashville cats come no more laid-back than Billy Currington, whose fourth set of easygoing country-rock, Enjoy Yourself, plays like a treatise on low-?ambition living. Professionally, he's "Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer"; romantically, he wants a woman who'll love him "Like My Dog." Fortunately, his charm is nearly as effortless. Listening to "Bad Day of Fishin'?" (which still "beats a good day of anything else"), you'll wanna ditch work right along with him.
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Billy Currington's always struck me as a kind of country music Ken doll, pretty to look at (and is he ever: those eyes! That carefully tousled hair! And Lord have mercy, those abs!) but without much underneath. His appearance on Shania Twain's late-2004 single "Party for Two," while perfect, didn't do anything to change my mind. I mean, does it really take much depth to enjoy "a little bit of party" [sic] with country's Canadian commercial queen...
Billy Currington was helped enormously by his duet with Shania Twain on "Party for Two," a new track on her 2004 Greatest Hits album...
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