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Since he got his first guitar at the age of 8 from his grandfather and wrote his first song at the age of 12, country music has been kind to Brad Paisley. His love of the country music shines through in his multiple hit gold and platinum records. Check our available Brad Paisley concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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With much of Brad's original material, splendid vocalizing and excellent guitar playing, his 66-minute "Time Well Wasted" album is a great addition to this West Virginian's musical canon. It also includes his latest hit, "Alcohol," recorded with live audience. The "medicine and poison to help you up or make you fall" that wry-witted Paisley sings about might also just be an appropriate analogy for the many moods and emotions that he can convey with his songs...
On the excellent Wheelhouse, Brad Paisley tiptoes a fine line between satisfying his core country audience and encouraging them to more adventurous attitudes. Good ol' boys, for instance, are sure to enjoy the likes of "Outstanding in Our Field", a celebration of the blue-collar budget delights of tapping a keg of beer round a campfire...
April 15, 2013 Brad Paisley's latest is so well-meaning it's tempting to forgive how overwrought it is. He's trying to take country to new places, but even two tracks that subject the South to tough love feel confused: Interpolating the blackface-born "Dixie" into "Southern Comfort Zone" sorta cancels out LL Cool J's cameo in the clumsily audacious "Accidental Racist...
2009's American Saturday Night, as personal and domestic-focused as much of it was, contained in its Obama-referencing single and elsewhere some indication that Brad Paisley was interested in what was going on in the world, politically and culturally. On his ninth studio album Wheelhouse, Paisley twice voices the perspective of a man who's not that interested in changing the world...
Wheelhouse is a different album for Brad Paisley. It's not a record many thought the singer -- who was very comfortable working with Frank Rogers behind the producer chair -- would ever make. After experimenting with the idea of working with outside producers (including Butch Vig and Alan Moulder), Brad decided to handle the production chores...
Sound: One of Country Music's best Guitarists/Singer is back with some more stories to talk about. From the bouncing beat of the title track "This Is Country Music" to the summer-like feel in "Working On A Tan", there is nothing more complete than having to hear one of Brad's solos. Plus there is "Eastwood", which has a intro with two kids talking and what seems to be Clint Eastwood talking, the song has a rockabilly, Western country feeling. In the song "Old Alabama", he speeds the tempo.....
Sound: Brad Paisley returns with his 4th studio album after Who Needs Pictures, Part II and Mud On The Tires, entitled Time Well Wasted. I've never really been a huge country fan like most people. It's a sad fact: country is a genre often misinterpreted as another corny, hick tune. Save your breath, Brad Paisley isn't like that. In fact, he isn't like that at all...
Since he promised the Guardian last year that he was on a mission to win over cynical Brits, things have been going Brad Paisley's way: a headline show at London's O2 arena next month is almost sold out. His seventh album shows why he remains the Nashville mainstream's most potent ambassador...
Only a minute or so into Brad Paisley's new album, the singer evokes the album's title. "This is country music," he declares, and he delivers the line with equal parts pride and resignation. What "this" actually refers to can mean the very song he's singing, the sensibility of the entire genre in general, or where country music finds itself at this particular moment in history...
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