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With an intense love and enthusiasm for every aspect of the music business from producing to songwriting to deejaying to engineering Demarco has his fingers on the pulse of almost every genre of the infectious rhythms of the world. Whether its reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, R&B, Demarco has written and produced for the best of them. Top names like Olivia, Styles P and Sean Paul have experienced his producing skills... Check our available Demarco concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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From his gap-tooth grin to his recently released game 'SQUISH 'EM' - wherein the aim of the game is to kill cockroaches by well, squishing them with a cigarette brand of your choice - noted larrikin Mac DeMarco inhabits the stoner/slacker trope comfortably, except when he doesn't. Sophomore albums are too often touted as 'coming of age' narratives, but DeMarco makes it hard not to draw your own conclusions when the first lines on the album Salad Days are 'as I'm getting older / chip up on my...
If past releases from Canada's indie rock class clown Mac DeMarco proved anything, it's that he's not shy about playing the fool or writing songs--and even entire EPs--about nothing much in particular. But on sophomore full-length effort Salad Days--recorded in the midst of his hectic touring schedule--DeMarco nudges the looser and more absurdist elements of his early work to one side with a selection of tunes that offer increasingly earnest perspectives on his usual down-at-heel romanticism...
The salad days, according to Mac DeMarco, are gone. "Rollin' through life to roll over and die," he sings on the title track of his immensely likable second album. Rarely has a reflection on ageing and obsolescence sounded so untroubled. DeMarco is a 23-year-old Canadian based in Brooklyn, whose easygoing approach to life - he likes to record at home in his underwear - gives his music a languid, carefree feel, even when the subject is chronic anxiety...
Mac DeMarco has somehow acquired a cult of personality by playing it nice and servile, winning fans and making friends with his balmy embrace through a punishing touring regimen. His buck-toothed grin never shows any signs of wear, however, and in those brief periods of rest he writes songs that ruminate on where he really wants to be...
Prior to the advent of indie, the creation of odd music had a place and a purpose. Odd music was made by outsiders - people whose characteristics made them different, and as a result, outcasts from society in one sense or another. Music was an artistic vehicle for revelation, rendering and expressing those characteristics in a way that manifested their underlying beauty...
Mac DeMarco has taken an interesting path to maturity. The Canadian singer-songwriter's earliest work, both as Makeout Videotape and on his debut album Rock and Roll Night Club, had a gleeful, wanton absurdity to them, but that all seemed to change once DeMarco put out his second album, 2. It seemed as if DeMarco had grown up by leaps and bounds overnight...
At the end of Act I of Antony and Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen speaks fondly about her wild youth: "My salad days, when I was green in judgment: cold in blood..." While Mac DeMarco's third full-length album under his own name sonically harks back to Cleopatra's alluring and warm longing for the past, his lyrics suggest that the Canadian whiz kid has learned from his own childhood heyday and is now trying to spread his wisdom instead of diving into nostalgia...
In American Hustle, when Jennifer Lawrence's character goes on and on about "that perfume you can't stop smelling even when there's something sour in it," she could be describing the music of Mac DeMarco: breezy jangle-pop that might otherwise drift into the background were it not for an out-of-place chord or an organ bulldozing its way through an intro. Such sonic pratfalls are consistent with DeMarco's slightly off character, which runs counter to that of your ordinary indie rock dude...
Just like Future Islands last week, Mac DeMarco is also an artist whose live show becomes impossible to separate from his songs and his persona. In a perfect world, each copy of Salad Days, his sophomore LP, would come with your own portable Mac DeMarco to keep you company while listening to the collection, cracking self-deprecating and just barely-not-creepy jokes about his own songwriting...
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