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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band formed in Leyton, east London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. The band's discography has grown to thirty-seven albums, including fifteen studio albums, eleven live albums, four EPs, and seven compilations. Pioneers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden achieved initial success during the early 1980s. Check our available Iron Maiden concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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I prefer Di'Anno to Dickenson. There, I've said it. I realise I'm on shaky ground here as Bruce is an undoubtedly powerful and dynamic vocalist who perfectly fits most people's idea of the traditional heavy metal front-man. The replacement of the drug addled Di'Anno with Dickenson shortly after this album was released in 1981 obviously helped to push Iron Maiden to the next commercial level with 'The Number of the Beast'...
From 1980 to 1988, Iron Maiden displayed the kind of dedicated work ethic that puts most bands these days to shame. Every year the band released a more adventurous album than its last, and then undertook an increasingly punishing tour. The result was success, success, and more success, in chart placings worldwide, audience numbers, and frequent critical acclaim, although it wasn't without its costs. Over Maiden's first eight years as a recording band there were notable changes in its ranks...
Clever Iron Maiden. The esteemed heavy metallers have clearly realised that, as much as their new albums are worth a listen, the real gold comes from the 80s, when Maiden bestrode the airwaves like a spandex colossus. Hence the release of this splendid live set filmed at the Birmingham NEC in 1988, plus plenty of footage of the chaps backstage, clad only in those skimpy little pants that any bloke over 40 will remember wearing because there was no alternative...
Following hot on the heels of 2009's Flight 666, En Vivo! once again sees Captain Bruce Dickinson flying Iron Maiden and its crew around the world, this time stopping off to entertain 50,000 fans in Santiago, Chile. An almost visually overwhelming affair, split-screen coverage captures a spirited performance that takes in set staples such as The Number Of The Beast and The Trooper, alongside newer songs...
Sound: This CD is a single from Iron Maiden. It contains Different World, The Trooper, and Hallowed By Thy Name. Different World is from the CD A Matter of Life and Death, while the other two tracks are from other CDs but are modern renditions that were recorded in 2006 with no real changes to them. Bruce, Harris, Smith, McBrain, Murray, and Gers deliver. // 10 Lyrics and Singing: As always with Iron Maiden, the lyrics are great. Hallowed By Thy Name has some of the best Iron Maiden lyrics ever...
What can be said about Iron Maiden that hasn't already been said? The band is relentless in every single way. Formed in 1975, the Steve Harris led troupe continue to celebrate their legacy with timely releases - this time it comes in the shape of En Vivo!, another brand new Iron Maiden opus. En Vivo! is a two disc reflection from one of the originators of Heavy Metal as we know it. Iron Maiden have consistently released new product unto the masses for better part of 30 years...
Sound: Since The first self titled maiden album, Iron maiden has had that distinct sound. With the shred solo's and awesome melody guitar phrases and the strong vocals. It was before this album (their eighth studio release) that Bruce Dickinson, revealed he was starting a solo project. Of course in the recording of this album, they were without Adrian Smith Janick Gers replaced him. You can hear the difference in the riffing in this album...
Sound: The final album in what many describe as "The Golden Years" of the mighty british heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson would leave the band after this record and what would follow were their worst two offerings since the slightly innconsistent "Killers". This album has the most songs on it of any Iron Maiden album at this point. Janick Gers secures his posistion as a fully fledged Iron Maiden member with a couple of truly memorable solos and huge riffs...
Sound: This is the album that had to be good, for the simple reason it came just a year after the 1982 masterpiece "Number Of The Beast". It definatly lived up to expectations and more. There was a new drummer in the form of Nicko McBrain and he gives a consatnly pounding a vicious assult that beggers belif. Steve Harris might just be the greatest bassist alive with his licks and insanly fast fingers...
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