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Itzhak Perlman (born August 31, 1945) (in Jaffa, now part of Tel Aviv) is an Israeli virtuoso violinist and teacher. He is regarded as one of the greatest violinists of the late 20th century, and is certainly among the most famous. He began to study in Tel Aviv after hearing the violin being played on the radio. Check our available Itzhak Perlman concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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Eternal Echoes: Songs & Dances for the Soul is the sound of Itzhak Perlman having it both ways. Being one of the most famous violin virtuosos of our time, Perlman is forever tethered to the classical chamber works he's interpreted over the years. For instance, his recording of Brahms's "Violin Concerto in D Major" is still considered the go-to version if you were to own only one recording of the piece...
This album is a tribute to composer John Williams to mark his eightieth birthday. It presents an attractive collection of his works, many of them excerpts and almost all previously issued. This CD should please his many fans, though they may already possess many of these performances. It may therefore have greater value as an introduction to his music for those unfamiliar with Williams and his work in films and the concert hall...
Every moment of Itzhak Perlman's 1988 Bach Sonatas and Partitas cycle constitutes sweetly singing, tonally generous, and technically irreproachable violin playing. His supreme bow control, for example, allows him to sustain unusually broad tempos in the D minor partita's Chaconne and the C major sonata's opening Adagio, while quicker movements burst forth with effortless, shimmering joy...
"The Perlman Edition" celebrates the start of the violinist's fifth decade as a performer. Perlman has made LPs and CDs for several labels, not just for EMI Classics. Some would argue, however, that Perlman was at his best in the 1970s and 1980s, when most of the "Perlman Edition" recordings were made. The selections on this CD were recorded between 1972 and 1988...
The life of a violin superstar has its problems. When you've already recorded the Beethoven, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Elgar, and Bruch, how do you make another best-selling CD, particularly when the young Turks nipping at your heels can offer their versions of these pieces with the major selling point of novelty? I suppose you can record the Top Ten all over again, although with little artistic reason...
Forty years after his Carnegie Hall debut, Itzhak Perlman is the subject of "The Perlman Edition," a series of reissues from EMI Classics. Before coming to EMI Records, Perlman was an RCA Victor recording artist, and he went on to make several recordings for Deutsche Grammophon. Some would argue, however, that Perlman was at his best in the 1970s, when most of the "Perlman Edition" recordings were made. I reviewed several dozen recordings of the Sibelius a few years ago...
Cinema Serenade came to be as a result of the 1992 collaboration of the world's premier film composer, John Williams, with one of the world's finest violinists, Itzhak Perlman, on the score for Steven Spielberg's Holocaust epic Schindler's List. The duo reunited to create a collection of excerpts from a variety of different film scores presented in new arrangements that are centered around Perlman's violin. Williams arranged most of the numbers and conducted the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra...
For more than a quarter of a century, this recording of Brahms' Violin Concerto by Itzhak Perlman with Carlo Maria Giulini conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was the recording to get if you wanted a lush and voluptuous performance of the work. Perlman's playing is plushly upholstered in warm leather and smooth silk. Giulini's conducting is lushly opulent with a rich blend of wind, brass, and strings...
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