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The Newsboys are a Christian pop/rock band formed in 1987 in Mooloolaba, Australia (although they soon relocated to Nashville, Tennessee). Its core members, John James and Peter Furler, originally hailed from Australia where they played in a band together called The News. Newsboys are considered one of the most popular bands in the Christian music industry. Check our available Newsboys concert ticket inventory and get your tickets here at ConcertBank now. Sign up for an email alert to be notified the moment we have tickets!

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Sparrow Records Released on September 10, 2013 Reviewed by Emily Kjonaas Newsboys - Restart (Amazon MP3/iTunes) Deluxe Edition: (Amazon MP3/iTunes) When Newsboys announced in 2009 that Peter Furler would be leaving the band, and that Michael Tait would be stepping in as lead singer, many people thought that the band was announcing its demise. From there it was an uphill struggle for Tait to prove himself as a Newsboys member...
Since day one of Michael Tait's turn at the mic, the Newsboys have taken extra measures to try to define themselves. Album after album, the band forces their way into the conversation, and their method is no longer an experiment. And as a full-fledged project with a few years of experience both on the road and in the studio, the Newsboys have distanced themselves well from their former incarnation, and Restart is the next effort to achieve this effect - something it does very well...
Artist: Newsboys Title: Restart Label: Sparrow Records Release Date: 9/10/13 Reviewer: Jonathan Andre Tracklisting: Since Peter Furler left the Newsboys citing reasons of possible burnout as the reason to walk away from the band, many die-hard Newsboys fans (and fans of Peter himself) thought that the band would be done. Nevertheless, Duncan, Jody and Jeff soldiered on, this time with ex-dc Talk lead singer Michael Tait at the helm of the Newsboys...
Buy 'Restart' at: It seems as though since former DC Talk member Michael Tait took over as lead singer of Newsboys, the band have been going from strength to strength. First up there was the brilliant 'Born Again' (2010), and then they followed it up with the worship-focused 'God's Not Dead' (2011). Now the band return with new album 'Restart'...
The Newsboys have certainly stayed busy in the past couple years. Along with a bevy of newly recorded material, the foursome, led by dc Talk's Michael Tait, keep themselves fully enveloped in various tours and festivals, giving an outlet to their bounty of musical energy. To commemorate their appearances on stage, the Newsboys have recorded their shows from two tour dates from earlier in the year in the form of Live In Concert: God's Not Dead, and its liveliness is its main strength...
Sparrow Records Released October 22, 2012 Reviewed by Emily Kjonaas Newsboys Live In Concert: God's Not Dead (iTunes/Amazon MP3) Not many bands are able to survive as long as the Newsboys have. But Michael Tait, Duncan Phillips, Jody Davis, and Jeff Frankenstein have proven that they're more than capable to continue to release solid albums. After garnering major success with their prior record God's Not Dead, they have released a live version titled Newsboys Live In Concert: God's Not Dead...
Buy 'Live in Concert: God's Not Dead' at: Recorded at two US festivals this summer, Sonshine Festival in Minnesota and Lifest in Wisconsin, 'Live in Concert: God's Not Dead' is the first live Newsboys album since former DC Talk singer Michael Tait took over as lead singer...
Sound: This album is a great mix of worship and pop music. The first track "He Reigns" shows a mix of distorted guitar and clean chords. The band changes the key of the song "You Are My King (Amazing Love)" giving the song a new feel that other bands have failed to capture. Peter Furler does a great job at vocals, mixing his Australian accent to some well know worship songs, while keeping it understandable...
Since Peter Furler left after their 2009 release, In the Hands of God, it was questioned as to whether the Newsboys would manage after the dramatic exit of their last 'founding member' of the band. Not only has the Newsboys succeeded in passing the baton on from Furler to Michael Tait, ex-member of dc-Talk; but they have released a phenomenal 2010 album in Born Again, which in my opinion exceeded their 2009 album and is now on par with GO and Adoration as my favourites from Newsboys...
Google+ by Chris Robertson